Who we are?

Smartcoat India is one of the world's most progressive Nano advancements. It is fabricated by a Malaysian based organization called Titanium World Technology Sdn. Bhd., beforehand known as Arc Flash Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Smartcoat was conceived in 2011 and it was formally propelled in 2012 subsequent to winning various honors in universal science rivalries. And now it is extended to India as Smartcoat India.

Titanium World Technology Sdn. Bhd. has an exceptionally solid R&D group locally in Malaysia and the organization has now built up its business abroad in nations like Thailand, Singapore, Europe, Macau, and India with every individual nation merchants having their own particular group of R&D workforce as well. This has additionally made Smartcoat India extremely solid in the R&D division of consistent item enhancements and advancements where thoughts are produced over the outskirts exceeding the boundaries with mastery from various nations.

In 2012, Titanium World Technology Sdn. Bhd. set-up a Joint Venture with a team of various Thailand accomplices to showcase SmartCoat universally, SmartCoat was appointed to Green Shield Pte Ltd to investigate business openings in nations other than Malaysia and Thailand.

In-house requirements of Smartcoat are overseen by Titanium World Technology itself in the supply and use of the innovation to the Malaysian market. Smartcoat India has a group of Sales and Marketing staff and furthermore a group of qualified application faculty.

Aside from Manufacturing, advertising, deals and utilization of Smartcoat, Titanium World Technology additionally works intimately with the R&D group to create a more extensive scope of items to upgrade the administrations gave by the gathering of organizations, around the world.

SmartCoat S, SmartCoat “On The GO”, SmartMask and Armor8 are the few innovative ideas of the company brought out for a specific group.

Corporate Wellness Companies, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels and Restaurants, in certainty any Indoor or Outdoor Situations and all types of Transportation To keep up a spotless, sound a wonderful workplace for every one of their representatives and guests.

Wellbeing Conscious Parents

To forestall assault by microbes or infection, (for example, flu, measles, chicken pox and tuberculosis) to give encourage assurance to your friends and family.

Smokers/Athletes/Pet proprietors

SmartCoat can break down cigarette smell and creates an odourless environment.

Green Building Developers

In numerous nations, tio2 has just been incorporated into the Green Building Index (GBI). In Singapore for instance, structures that has been connected with this innovation will consequently get 3 focuses in the GBI while applying for GREEN BUILDING STATUS.

A Break through Innovation:

  • A Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide
  • Visible light Response and Reaction
  • Dispersion Technology
  • Titanium Dioxide Concentration
  • Binding Capabilities
  • Spraying and Fixing Directly
  • Gets Dry and firm instantly
  • Can be Sprayed on any surface