Worlds Most Advanced Nano Coating Technology

"A breakthrough in nano technology that will positively affect the living standards of mankind"

Sustainable Technology for The Future of Air Sterilization

Smallest Nano TiO2 in the world and fastest reaction with any light.

Non Toxic

Eliminate Smell

24/7 Self-Cleaning

Anti Bacteria

Odor Free

What is SmartCoat

An Important Technology Breakthrough
A Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide
Visible light Response and Reaction
Dispersion Technology
Titanium Dioxide Concentration

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Where It's Used

Indoors, Outdoors and all Forms of Transportation
Typical Applications
A Sustainable technology which is green, applicable, affordable, scalable and effective over a long time.

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How It's Used

Titanium World Technology is one of the few professional Photocatalyst manufacturers with the fixation technologies of direct spraying globally and due to this Titanium World Technolgy can provide a complete spraying service.

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