How It's Used

Indoors, Outdoors and all Forms of Transportation

Fixing by Spraying Directly

Titanium World Technology is one of only a handful couple of expert Photo catalyst producers with the fixation advances of direct splashing comprehensively and because of this Titanium World Technology can give an entire showering administration.

The exceptional showering Device utilized by Titanium World Technology is reason made by our Singaporean accomplice and can splash 1µm air pockets secured by the electrostatic innovation, through which SmartCoat is completely equipped of electrostatic and will join on the air pocket surfaces. When bubbles are splashed and connected on the surface of, it would be expelled and turned out to be half-circle. At that point the surface strain caused by the weight inside the air pockets will push the TiO2 forward and remain on the air pocket surfaces to meet light for response.

Inferable from the fixation technologies, SmartCoat Photo catalyst can be straightforwardly splashed on the surfaces of any materials including organic things.

The decay issue is astutely kept away from in light of the fact that SmartCoat Photo catalyst won't directly contact materials, dissimilar to different Photo catalysts. It is superfluous to make strides of securing natural materials by coating inorganic things before completing the process. The system rearrangements and augmentation of use ranges are the best results brought by the fixation advancements of SmartCoat Photo catalyst.

Getting Dry and Firm Instantly

Photo catalysts of different brands are watery and difficult to dry in the wake of splashing and even need being warmed under high temperature, which are uncomforting. Consequently not at all like different brands, SmartCoat Photo catalyst can dry in seconds in the wake of showering on Rigid surfaces (e.g. Wall, wooden materials), and in under 30 seconds on glossier surfaces (e.g. tiles, marble), so the moment drying highlight of SmartCoat makes it exceptionally advantageous to apply without influencing the development condition.

SmartCoat Photo catalyst won't be removed by touch after being dried, and its hardness could achieve the greatest (pencil hardness 4H) in couple of minutes, which is much harder than the paint utilized on automobiles. The layer will stay everlasting and couldn’t be removed from the surfaces of the objects unless or until if you rub the surfaces with any hard objects.

SmartCoat Application Videos